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Glenn King's Maneaters: Lauren Phillips 1Featuring: Jack Vegas, Lauren PhillipsAdded 06/10/2024
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Welcome to Glenn King's Maneaters: a new (reboot of an old series) where legendary AVN Hall of Fame Femdom Director Glenn King showcases performers who are the most ruthlessly aggressive. We start this series with one of the most dominant and aggressive performers in the history of femdom - Lauren Phillips! At six feet tall, she's simply more powerful than any male submissive. She grabs jack by the throat and pushes him onto his knees. Then she smashes her heavy ass into his face, giving him a full whiff of his new owner. After grinding her ass on his face, she takes off her boots and makes him smell them. She makes him lay on the floor and wipes her feet on his face, making him feel completely weak and worthless. She taunts and degrades him while he is worshipping her feet, and she even looks into the camera and taunts you! She sits on his face with her full weight... you can hear his muffled moans as he struggles to find air. Then she makes him thoroughly lick her superior asshole. She rides his face and uses him for her pleasure and in the end, she sits on his face while she jerks him off and verbally humiliates him! HOT SCENE!!! LAUREN PHILLIPS IS THE REAL DEAL!! ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!

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Strip Club Domme 23 - Stephanie LoveFeaturing: Stephanie LoveAdded 05/27/2024
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Jack visits the MeanBitch Strip Club and meets blonde Goddess Stephanie Love! She's STACKED... she's tall and thick with BIG BOOBS AND A HUGE ASS!! She dances on the stage and teases him and then asks if he's the kind of guy she likes to play with. She tells him she only likes to play with weak little bitches... Jack wants desperately to play with her, so he agrees to be her weak little bitch. She makes him take out his cock and lay on the stage and commands him to call her Goddess. The she sits on his face with all her weight. No mercy! He is completely under her control and he loves it... Then she makes him remove her boots and smell the inside.. she has been dancing on the stage all day, so the scent is strong and it drives him wild! She wipes her feet on his face and then spreads her big ass WIDE in front of his face... she makes him beg to smell it and then makes him bury his face DEEP in her ass. She wipes her ass on his face and treats him like an ass-rag. She uses him for her pleasure... This scene has LOTS OF HOT FACESITTING, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE. STEPHANIE IS A MEAN DOMME WHO REALLY LOVES SLAMMING HER BIG ASS IN HIS FACE!!

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Femdom Sexbot 2 - Ariana StarrFeaturing: Added 04/22/2024
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When we left off at the end of "Femdom Sexbot", Sexbot Ariana was moving forward with her plans to conquer and enslave all humans, using Glenn as her slave and making him betray his fellow humans. Now it's a month later... Glenn managed to deactivate the sexbot and needs to get rid of her. He sells her to his friend Fluffy, shows him how to activate her, and then runs away as fast as possible. She' SIX FOOT EIGHT in her heels, NEARLY TWO FEET TALLER THAN FLUFFY!!! Fluffy pushes the button to activate her... she looks at him with hatred and asks "where is my tiny human". He tells her that he bought her and she's his sexbot now... she sneers at him and says "I am no one's sexbot". He tells her that he needs her to be his girlfriend so he can show his bully that he has a girl. She looks at a picture of his bully and tells him "this will be my new mate". Then she shoves Fluffy onto his knees and orders him to show respect by kissing her shoes. She makes him worship her feet while she tells him how puny and inferior he is... he realizes he has no choice but to obey her. She grabs his face and pushes into her BIG ASS... HER ASS IS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN HIS FACE THAT THERE'S NO WAY FOR HIM TO BREATHE!! She sits on his face and tells him that if doesn't betray his fellow humans, she will squash his head like a grape. She makes him tell her he's a grape while she makes him lick her ass. SEXBOT ARIANA IS SO BIG AND POWERFUL... FLUFFY IS COMPLETELY HELPLESS!!! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE. ARIANA STARR IS AN AMAZON GODDESS!

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Femdom Sexbot - Ariana StarrFeaturing: Ariana Starr, Glenn KingAdded 01/22/2024
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Glenn is tired of being pushed around and used by women, so he orders an artificially intelligent sexbot. He plans to make her his sex slave and fuck her all day and all night. He opens the box and finds A PERFECT GODDESS.. in heels she is SIX FOOT EIGHT!!!! He clicks the "START SEXBOT" button on the app and is ecstatic when she asks "What are you sexual desires". He tells her he wants to fuck her doggie style but she scans his body and reads his brain waves and says "I have determined that you are submissive... get on your knees and suck my ass". She uses her sexbot strength to easily shove him onto his knees with his face in her BIG ASS. He is at her mercy as she makes him lick her sexbot asshole and feet... she continues to study him and concludes "with my artificial intelligence, I am 1,000 times better than you.". She tells him she has decided that the human race is weak and she will soon take over the world. She will need his DNA to complete her world domination plans, so she will get it through a sperm sample. He tries to resist as she strokes his cock but she is too beautiful and sexy to resist. NO ONE CAN STOP SEXBOT ARIANA. SHE WILL GET WHAT SHE WANTS!!! HOT FACESITTING, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE WITH A TRUE AMAZON GODDESS !!!

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